Project Management Essentials

Project Management Essentials

  • Country: United Arab Emirates

  • City: Abu Dhabi

START DATE: 19 Sep 2021

END DATE: 23 Sep 2021

UNIT: 5 days

  • COURSE TYPE: Variety Programs



Project Management Essentials


Project managers are always under severe pressure to complete projects on time and within budget. However, most projects fail to meet these demands and as a result, many projects are terminated early. Successful project management requires knowledge and experience. This course is designed to provide participants with the skills that are needed to become a successful project manager in today's rapidly changing world. The skills and knowledge you gain in this course will help you avoid making costly mistakes and increase your competitive edge in the project management profession.

Target Audience

Major Projects Engineering team, Project Engineers

Programme Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

=         Improve the knowledge and skills of each team member on a project

=         Review the key messages of the Project Principles representing the shared values of BP's
Major Projects Leaders and Group Leadership regarding how BP manages projects

=         Introduce the Segment Common Process and its role in creating distinctive projects, and
then delivering them with flawless execution

=         Describe the fundamentals of the Segment Common Process guidelines

=         Practice new project management concepts through case studies and exercises

=         Generate ideas or solutions to manage a project effectively

=         Review the fundamentals of the Capital Value Process (CVP) as a common work process that supports the business strategy of the company

=         Give users a better understanding of the philosophy and principles of the CVP and how it
applies to BP projects

=         Describe key roles and responsibilities

=         Define and develop the foundations of a project plan, including the high-level plan and statement of requirements, work breakdown structure, cost, schedule, and other resources

=         Describe how to identify, assess, manage, and track risk and uncertainties

=         Learn and describe the various aspects of Project Services

=         Demonstrate how to control the project against its baseline

=         Define project closeout activities and assess the impact of knowledge management

=         Uses both conventional and non-traditional techniques, utilises hands-on case studies and group discussions and provides thorough coverage of concepts, techniques, and relevant
case studies

Course Outlines

Ø  Getting Started with Project Management

=       Project Management Basics

=       Factors Influencing a Project

Ø Launching Projects

=       How Organizations Choose the Right Project

=       Identify Project Stakeholders and Their Expectations

=       Identify the Project Scope

=       Prepare a SOW

=       Formally Authorize a Project

Ø Estimating Project Work

=       Estimate Project Effort and Resources Using Top-Down Estimation

=       Estimate Project Effort and Resources Using Bottom-Up Estimation

=       Reduce Risks in Project Estimates

Ø Creating a Project Schedule

=       Illustrate Project Flow

=       Identify Activity Resources

=       Schedule Project Work

Ø Planning Project Costs

=       Estimate Project Costs

=       Establish the Cost Baseline

=       Reconcile Funding and Costs

Ø Planning for Risks

=       Create a Risk Management Plan

=       Identify Risks and Their Causes

=       Analyze Risks

=       Develop a Risk Response Plan

Ø Planning for Quality and Compliance

=       Deliver the Desired Project Results

=       Verify Compliance Requirements

Ø  Managing Human Resources

=       Plan Your Dream Team

=       Put the Team Together

=       Build the Team

=       Manage the Team

Ø  Managing Project Procurements

=       Plan for Project Procurements

=       Obtain Responses from Vendors

=       Choose the Right Vendor

=       Manage Vendors and Procurements

Ø  Managing Change During Project Execution

=       Gear Up for Project Execution

=       Manage Project Changes

=       Monitor the Project Scope

Ø Monitoring and Controlling Project Schedule and Cost

=       Monitor and Control the Project Schedule

=       Optimize the Project Schedule

=       Monitor and Control Project Costs

Ø  Monitoring Risk and Quality

=       Monitor and Control Risks

=       Put Quality Plans into Action

=       Control Project Quality

Ø  Communicating and Reporting

=       Communicate in a Project

=       Distribute Project Information

=       Manage Stakeholder Relationships and Expectations

=       Report on Project Performance

Ø  Closing the Project

=       Hand Off the Project

=       Close Project Procurements

=       Wrap Up a Project