Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

  • Country: United Arab Emirates

  • City: Abu Dhabi

START DATE: 22 Sep 2019

END DATE: 24 Sep 2019


  • COURSE TYPE: Variety Programs



Presentation Skills


As part of being an effective communicator and influencer, it is essential to be able to present with confidence and professionalism. Through this course, participants will be given live coaching around their presentation style. They will be shown best practice on how to use their voice, body movements, and choice of wording. Through repetition, they will grow in confidence as one by one, the skills are layered. They will also be shown how to create a well-structured presentation and how to interact professionally with their visual aids, including PowerPoint.

Programme Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

=       Utilize the four pillars of effective communication

=       Control difficult conversations without feeling guilty

=       Apply the win-win mind-set and become assertive

=       Design and deliver an impactful, professional presentation

=       Overcome anxiety when presenting

=       Become a confident, professional communicator

Course Outlines

Ø Course Introduction and Overview

•      Setting Your Objectives (Answering the WHY)

•      Knowing Your Audience (Answering the WHO)

=       Building the Structure (Answering the WHAT)

Ø Setting Objectives

•      What Are You Trying To Do?

•      Identifying your Objective

•      Discussion

Ø Knowing Your Audience

•      A Basic Definition of your Audience

•      Understanding Your Audience

•      Focus, Plan, and Convey

•      Audience Profile

Ø The Importance of Voice

•      Factors Affecting the Voice

•      Achieving Optimum Conditions for Speech

•      Using Your Voice

•      The Consequences of Bad Preparation

•      The Three Benefits of a Plan

•      Presentation Structure: an Overview

•      Timing Your Presentation

•      How to prevent over-running

•      Overview of Communication

•      The Three Parts of Communication

•      Your Competition

•      Sticky Situations

•      Paying Attention to Your Appearance

•      Tips to Combat Nerves

•      Nervousness Presentation

Ø Our Body Language

•      First Impressions

•      Non Verbal Factors of Communication

•      Avoiding the Traps

Ø Presentation Practice

•      Presentation Preparation

•      Presentation Delivery

•      Presentation Evaluation