Preparation training for the PMP Certificate

Preparation training for the PMP Certificate

  • Country: United Arab Emirates

  • City: Abu Dhabi

START DATE: 15 Sep 2019

END DATE: 19 Sep 2019


  • COURSE TYPE: Variety Programs



Preparation training for the PMP Certificate


In this course, the participants will apply the generally recognized practices of project management acknowledged by the Project Management Institute (PMI) to successfully manage projects. Project managers who have proven skills and experience can find exciting, high-visibility opportunities in a wide range of fields. This course is specifically designed to provide the participants with the proven, practical body of project management knowledge and skills that they need to demonstrate project management mastery on the job. Additionally, this course can be a significant part of their preparation for the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam. The skills and knowledge they gain in this course will help them avoid making costly mistakes and increase their competitive edge in the project management profession.

Target Audience

This course is designed for employees (Managers, Project Engineers…etc) who want to apply for the PMP certificate.

Programme Objectives


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

=         Review the PMP exam requirements and application process

=         Define several key terms and recognize the relationship between portfolio, program and project management

=         Describe how organizational influences affect the methods used for managing projects

=         Identify the integration of various processes and project management activities

=         Breakdown the project's scope to include all required project work

=         Compute all activities' durations required to complete the project

=         Estimate activities' costs and project's budgets

=         Outline the project's quality policies and objectives

=         Assemble the project team and manage its performance

=         Create and properly communicate project information

=         Develop a project risk management plan and examine project risks

=         Plan the procurement steps to acquire products and services needed from outside the project team

=         Analyze stakeholder expectations and their impact on the project

=   Initiating a Project

=   Examine the Project Management Context

=   Examine Project Selection

=   Create a Project Charter

=   Identify Project Stakeholders

=   Planning Project Work

=   Identify Elements of the Project Management Plan

=   Document Stakeholder Requirements

=   Create a Scope Statement

=   Develop a Work Breakdown Structure

= Developing Project Schedules
= Create an Activity List
= Create a Project Schedule Network Diagram
= Estimate Activity Resources
= Estimate Duration for Project Activities
= Identify the Critical Path
= Optimize the Project Schedule
= Establish a Schedule Baseline
= Developing Cost Estimates and Budgets
= Estimate Project Costs
= Estimate the Preliminary Cost Baseline
= Reconcile Funding and Costs
= Planning Project Quality, Staffing, and Communications
= Create a Quality Management Plan
= Document the Project Roles, Responsibilities, and Reporting Relationships
= Create a Communications Management Plan
= Analyzing Risks and Planning Risk Responses
= Create a Risk Management Plan
= Identify Project Risks and Triggers
= Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
= Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
= Develop a Risk Response Plan
= Planning Project Procurement
= Prepare a Project Statement of Work
= Plan Project Procurements
= Prepare a Procurement Statement Of Work
= Prepare a Procurement Document
= Executing Project Work
= Identifying the Direct and Manage Project Execution Process
= Execute a Quality Assurance Plan
= Acquire the Project Team
= Develop the Project Team
= Manage the Project Team
= Distribute Project Information
= Manage Stakeholder Relationships and Expectations
= Managing Project Procurement
= Identify the Conduct Project Procurements Process
= Obtain Responses from Sellers
= Determine Project Sellers
= Monitoring and Controlling Project Work
= Identify the Monitor and Control Project Work Process
= Develop an Integrated Change Control System
= Utilize the Integrated Change Control System
= Review Deliverables and Work Results
= Control the Project Scope
= Monitoring and Controlling Project Schedule and Costs
= Control the Project Schedule
= Control Project Costs
= Monitoring and Controlling Project Performance and Quality
= Perform Quality Control
= Report on Project Performance
= Monitoring and Controlling Project Risk and Procurements
= Monitor and Control Project Risk
= Administer Project Procurements
= Closing the Project
= Close Project Procurements
= Close the Project or Phase Administratively
= The PMP Exam : Tips for Passing the Exam the First Time
= mock examination