Powerful and Positive Influence

Powerful and Positive Influence

  • Country: United Arab Emirates

  • City: Abu Dhabi

START DATE: 15 Sep 2019

END DATE: 17 Sep 2019


  • COURSE TYPE: Variety Programs



Powerful and Positive Influence


This enriching course introduces techniques to positively influence others in a range of situations such as selling new ideas, winning resources and negotiating outcomes at work. Through interactive scenarios, self-reflection and a range of practice activities, you will explore ways to influence and communicate with others, even in challenging situations.

Target Audience

Supervisors, Section Leaders, Team Leaders, VPs and Managers.


By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

=        Adapt their style of influence to respond to challenging business situations

=        Present their views in a persuasive way, with enthusiasm, vision and logic

=        Create a positive impact on other members of their organization

=        Manage and motivate difficult‘ or under-performing employees

=        Influence others without pressuring, pulling rank or resorting to aggressive behavior

=        Resolve conflict and generate commitment to team decisions

=        Get buy-in to complete tasks and projects without delay

=        Mobilize resources and support from others to get things done

Course Outlines 


Ø What is influence?

=        why influencing is becoming increasingly important

=        influencing - a leadership skill

=        new working patterns and the importance of influencing skills

=        the 'influencing hub'

Ø influencing strategies

=          adopting a strategic approach to influencing

=        top influencing tactics

=        framing issues

=        identifying champions

Ø developing and using

=        meeting skills

=        influencing before, during and after a meeting

=        using different types of contributions in meeting

=        negotiating skills

=        how to prepare and run a negotiation

=        understanding your own attitudes to negotiation

=        improving your negotiation skills

=        aiming for win:win

=        networking skills

=        how to build and sustain your own networks

=        networking at events

=        listening skills

=        what to listen for

=        how to listen actively

=        assertiveness skills:

=        how to be more assertive, without being aggressive

=        understanding the culture you work in

Ø the psychology of influence: motivating other people

Ø influencing styles

=        different styles

=        how the nature of the challenge, will influence the style you use

=        identifying your own preferred style

Ø personal brand

=        What is your personal brand?

=        how your organisation's brand also needs to be reflected in how you act 

=        how to clarify and build your personal brand

=        how to use your personal brand to help you exert influence

Ø high impact in presentations

=        why good presentation skills are important for an influencer

=        how clear messages and a strong presentation structure can help you achieve your aims

=        using personal brand to enhance the impact of a presentation