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Contract Management

  • Country: United Arab Emirates

  • City: Abu Dhabi

START DATE: 28 Jul 2019

END DATE: 01 Aug 2019


  • COURSE TYPE: Variety Programs



Budgeting and cost analysis are crucial elements for the management of contemporary organizations. Nowadays, if companies want to stay competitive, they are urged to link their strategies with accurate systems of resource allocation and performance

measurement. Along this line, budgeting, as well as tracking, controlling & reducing cost represent essential activities to be

performed and monitored by organizations as they implement their key processes, activities and operations.

Target Audience

Responsible Officers involved in commissioning and managing contracts, TL‘s and Managers.
Programme Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
• Improve their understanding of the role of contracts within a business
• Develop more confidence in dealing with contracting issues
• Understand how strategies can be developed to improve the commercial outcomes
• Apply the latest international thinking in dispute resolution
• Increase awareness of the use of contracts in everyday business life

Course Outlines

• Planning Activities.
• Shareholders ‘Guidelines for Contracts.
•  Knowledge of Market Trends.
• Aware of country laws and regulations.
• Scope of Work (SOW) - Preparation/ approval
• Tendering and contracting procedures.
• Budget estimates/ funds - availability/ AFE.
• Bidders List - Adequacy/ Need for Prequalification of new Contractors
• Contract Requisition (CR) - Preparation/ approval.
• Laws/ regulations, terms & conditions of Contracts.
• Contract Strategy Preparation/ approval including:
  Type of Contract i.e. Standard or Blanket.
 Single or split award.
  Technical Evaluation Criteria.
• Technical Evaluation and clarifications.
• Commercial Evaluation and Award of Contract.
• Contractor‘s Obligations and Company‘s Obligations
• Contracts Administration activities.
• Insurance/ Guarantee Requirements
• Monitoring of Contractors ‘performance & resolution of disputes
• Contract Variations & Amendments.
• Contracts close out.