Business Writing Skills

Business Writing Skills

  • Country: United Arab Emirates

  • City: Abu Dhabi

START DATE: 08 Sep 2019

END DATE: 10 Sep 2019

UNIT: 3 days

  • COURSE TYPE: Variety Programs




This course provides an introduction to business writing skills as they relate to the drafting of emails, memos and business letters.

During this course, we will describe and apply structuring and business writing techniques designed to cater for the modern

business environment. Above all, we will emphasize the use of simple, clear and positive language in addressing day to day business affairs.

Target Audience

All individuals operating in a business setting with a need to express themselves effectively in writing.

Programme Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
 Apply the fundamental pillars of business writing for achieving better results
 Practice basic techniques for writing effective emails, letters and memos
 Demonstrate professionalism by writing in a clear, specific and positive manner
 Deliver solid conclusions through organized structure and flow
 Use practical and modern methods for powerful business writing
 Do a Fixed Assets Register.

Course Outlines

Introduction to business writing
 Definitions of business writing
 Setting emails, letters and memos in context
 6 tips for writing effectively
 Recognizing the hallmarks of effective writers
 Applying modern day business writing techniques
Characteristics of business writing
 Writing considerations
 Guidelines for sentences
 7 traits of organized writing
 Setting a purpose
 Investigating the audience
 Organizing content to match your audience
 Using clear, specific and positive writing
 Developing your business writing style
 Using visual aids powerfully
 Complementing writing with tables and charts

Writing strategy
 Organizing thoughts
 Pyramid structuring
 Developing a compelling storyboard
 3 parts to a message
 Achieving flow through effective transitioning
 Applying pyramid structuring to your writing
 Making the most of your facts
 Deductive reasoning
 Abductive reasoning
 Building a compelling introduction
Big tips on writing
 Applying George Orwell’s 5 rules for effective writing
 Promoting clarity in writing
 Avoiding miscommunication
 Managing and delivering expectations
 Responding to different email scenarios
 Understanding different reader personalities

Using powerful language
 Writing considerations
 Using visual aids
 7 tips for writing effectively
 Using power words to influence your audience
 Presentations: less is more
 Using visual aids effectively
 Managing a checklist for your writing
 Going the last inch
 How to be a successful business writer