Safety Relief Valves Inspection, Maintenance and Repair

Safety Relief Valves Inspection, Maintenance and Repair

  • Country: United Arab Emirates

  • City: Abu Dhabi

START DATE: 28 Oct 2018

END DATE: 01 Nov 2018


  • COURSE TYPE: Oil & Gas Engineering & Technical



Course objectives:   

1-  Carry out repair and testing of PSVS and critical inspection of the valve parts. Repair by lapping, grinding and machining of defective parts.

2-  Test and certify PSVS


Some of the Course outlines:

  1. Development and application of pressure relief valves
  2. Installation and operation of pressure relief valves
  3. Operational malfunctions of pressure relief valves
  4. Testing facilities
  5. Pressure relief device certifications
  6. Critical inspection
  7. Lapping and grinding PRV assembly
  8. Setting, testing and sealing
  9. Quality control systems
  10. Nondestructive examination
  11. Defining Scenarios: Primary and Secondary Scenarios
  12. Selecting the right type of PSD “system”
  13. PSD: Types, Operation