Safety in process equipment design

Safety in process equipment design

  • Country: United Arab Emirates

  • City: Abu Dhabi

START DATE: 07 Oct 2018

END DATE: 11 Oct 2018


  • COURSE TYPE: Oil & Gas Engineering & Technical




Course objectives:


  1. create custom column templates, including non-standard configurations
  2. Perform complex calculations on flowsheet variables using the Spreadsheet
  3. Realistically simulate separator carryover.
  4. Optimize process conditions to meet one or more process constraints


Some of the Course outlines


1-    Definition of Safety in Process Design

2-    Process Hazard Analysis: HAZOP, LOPA, FMEA

3-    Materials of Construction and Optimized Fabrication

4-    Hazard Associated with Process Equipment

5-    Design of Safety Valves

6-    Operation  of Pressure Relief System

7-    Calculation and Sizing of Relief Loads of Pressure Relief Systems