Power Systems & Protection with Modern Technology

Power Systems & Protection with Modern Technology

  • Country: United Arab Emirates

  • City: Abu Dhabi

START DATE: 04 Nov 2018

END DATE: 08 Nov 2018


  • COURSE TYPE: Oil & Gas Engineering & Technical



Course objectives:   

1-    Understand power system analysis.

2-    Understand fault calculation.

3-    Understand the Protection in power distribution system.

4-    Understand different type of relays including new micro based protection relays.

5-    Understanding of protection setting.



Some of the Course outlines:

1. Overview of a Typical Systems covering Generation, Transmission and Distribution and the SMART grid

2.   Determination of Flow of Real (P) and Reactive Power (Q)

3.   Determination and Control of Fault Level

4.   Control of Reactive Power & Voltage

5.   Power System and Substation Automation

6.   Increasing Problems of Heavily Loaded Systems - stability, voltage dip

7.  Transmission Voltage Levels - line and cable design, power loading and de-rating for temperature effects

8.   Emerging Technologies

9.   System Protection