Developing safety Culture

Developing safety Culture

  • Country: United Arab Emirates

  • City: Abu Dhabi

START DATE: 21 Oct 2018

END DATE: 25 Oct 2018


  • COURSE TYPE: Oil & Gas Engineering & Technical



Course objectives:   

1-  Develop a clear understanding of human factors and their importance in developing an effective safety culture

2-  Appreciate the elements of safety management systems and their purpose

3-  Understand the consequences of behavioral acts and omissions as prime causes of accidents and adverse events

4-  Understand how to develop a step-by-step safety cultural improvement programme within your own organisation

5-  Develop skills for identifying, evaluating and implementing cost effective solutions for influencing behavioural change


Some of the Course outlines:


  1. Safety Management Systems and Safety Culture Factors
  2. Essential Safety Management System Component
  3. Developing an Effective Safety Management System
  4. Reasons for Safety Management System Failure
  5. The True Benefits of an Effective Safety Management System
  6. Identifying Problem areas
  7. HSE Cultural Change Model
  8. How and When to Intervene
  9. Key Performance Indicators
  10. Success Factors and Barriers
  11. Establishing the current status of a Safety Culture
  12. Information inputs and questionnaires
  13. Managing people and their attitude to safety
  14. Developing questionnaires