First Aid

First Aid

  • Country: United Arab Emirates

  • City: Abu Dhabi

START DATE: 11 Apr 2021

END DATE: 11 Apr 2021


  • COURSE TYPE: Medical Training




This program aims to: identify the principles of first aid, safe evaluation of the site, use of globally agreed precautions (to reduce the incidence of infectious diseases), distinguish between different life-threatening conditions and apply general guidelines for the paramedic on how to communicate between a paramedic and an emergency doctor


Learning Outcome

By the end of the program, attendees will be able to :
Identify a medical emergency and recognize the need to intervene.
• Identify hazards and assess for response.
• Analyze the basic principles of First Aid and Emergency Response.
• Apply effective ways to react using barriers.
• Implement Basic Life Support and CPR.
• Familiarize self with various types of injuries and ways to react accordingly.
• Simulate and apply emergency care on a mannequin and proper use of an Automated External Defibrillator .

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for people who want to receive training in emergency first aid and is especially suited for nominated first aiders in smaller, low risk working environments. Also for those who want to learn how to deal with
accidents and injuries.

Training Methodology

The training course will be conducted along workshop principles with formal lectures, case studies and interactive worked examples. Relevant case studies will be provided to illustrate the application of each tool in an operations environment.

Each learning point will be re-enforced with practical exercises.

Target Competencies

Change management
Decision making
Team work
Emergency Response
emergency care

Program Content

v Role of the First Aid Provider
Emergency First Aid Care
Recognizing an Emergency
Deciding to Help
Personal Safety
Using Barriers

v Approaching the Patient
Assessing for Response
Mechanism for Spinal Injury
Activating Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

v Basic Life Support

Basic Life-Supporting Skills
Airway, Breathing, Circulation (ABC)
Clearing the Airway
Initial Assessment
Unresponsive Patient
CPR for Cardiac Arrest
Sudden Cardiac Arrest
Using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

v Dealing with Various Types of Emergencies
Control of Bleeding
Managing Shock
Exposure to Heat
Exposure to Cold
Allergic Reactions
Heart Attack

v Continuous Patient Care
Ongoing Assessment
Warning Signs of Serious Illness
Mechanism for Significant Injury
Breathing Difficulty, Shortness of Breath