Assessor Training Course

Assessor Training Course

  • Country: United Arab Emirates

  • City: Abu Dhabi

Assessor Training Course

START DATE: 18 Apr 2021

END DATE: 22 Apr 2021

UNIT: 5 days

  • COURSE TYPE: Management & Self Development



Assessor Training Course

The Assessor Award Training Course is designed for those individuals who are, or will be involved in assessing learners undertaking National Qualifications Authority (NQA) endorsed qualifications or similar Competence-Based training programs. The program provides the cutting edge knowledge, skills, techniques and best practices for assessing competency using a variety of assessment methods including Recognition of Prior Learning.

Course Design

This training course is based on the NQA Level 5 Composite Award in Assessing Learners (Qualification code: CAOF90050112). The qualification consists of the following core units:

1.      Prepare for assessment

2.      Conduct assessment

3.      Make and record assessment decisions

To achieve this award, learners should satisfy all units’ requirements. 

The course features theoretical lectures and hands-on working activities which will help delegates identify what they are expected to know and do. In addition, the training course features practical exercises allowing delegates to rehearse their skills, knowledge and understanding of the competence assessor role. All demonstrations shall use, wherever possible, the actual paperwork that the delegates are expected to use in their workplace.


Aims and Objectives

The course aim is to prepare attendants to conduct sound assessment for the National Qualifications which are designed based on the National Occupational Skills Standard. The intention is to prepare delegates as vocational and occupational assessors who will facilitate competence acquisition through effective classroom and workplace learning.


Who should attend?


This accredited training program has been specifically designed for delegates who are:

§ Technically competent in the area they are expected to assess

§ Self-Motivated and have an interest in helping people develop

§ Are willing to carry out assessments and make sound assessment decisions


Course Outcomes

Upon completion of the Assessor Award Training course, participants will be able to:

   Understand the role of NQA and its requirements relative to competence within the UAE Qualifications Framework.

  • Understand the importance of competence management systems.
  • Understand the language and structure of competence standards
  • Understand the assessment types, principles, tools, methods and process.
  • Understand roles and responsibilities of candidates, assessors, internal verifiers, external verifier and other stakeholders.
  • Support, guide and advice candidates during the complete assessment cycle.
  • Select the most appropriate assessment methods to generate and collect quality evidence.
  • Conduct valid, reliable, fair and flexible assessments.
  • Identify VARCS evidence and judge its quality.
  • Decide on the learner’s competence and maintain consistency in assessment decision.
  • Provide feedback that motivates the candidates.
  • Know record keeping requirements and need for maintaining confidential information.
  • Deal with difficulties, disputes or appeals.
  • Participate in assessment quality assurance.


§ Studying this training course with QTC has the following benefits:

§ Develop a high level of skills in the assessment process in a short space of time

§ Enhance your career prospects and maximize your efficiency at work

§ Training in a comfortable and relaxed environment

§ Registration with the Awarding Body (National Qualification Authority -NQA)

§ Practical mentoring by qualified assessors

§ Continuous support to complete your award

§ The opportunity to be awarded an internationally recognized qualification

§ An Attendance Certificate will be issued to all delegates on the last day

§ Issuing the formal certificate will be requested from NQA once your portfolio is internally assessed and verified successfully.