People Management Essentials

People Management Essentials

  • Country: United Arab Emirates

  • City: Abu Dhabi

START DATE: 05 Sep 2021

END DATE: 09 Sep 2021

UNIT: 5 days

  • COURSE TYPE: Leadership & Strategic



People Management Essentials


The most important skill in business is the ability to manage people – important to the organisation, so that its objectives are achieved, and important to the individual, so that they maximise their career progression opportunities. For those who have had little or no formal management training – or who require a refresher – this course is the ideal starting point. 


Target Audience

Supervisors and Section Leaders, Team Leaders


By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

=        Understand the Differences between Managing People and Leading Them.

=         Manage People Performance.

=        Understand how to set Goals and objective.

=        Do Performance monitoring.

=        Manage People Development.

=         Develop conversations.

=        Do a Personal Development Planning.

=        Manage People new to the team.

=        Do Behavioral interviews.

=        Understand how to Induct new team members

=        Manage Team Meetings

=        Understand People Management Styles

=        Understand the Different management styles

=        Chose  the right style for the person or the  situation

=        Manage Delegation

=        Understand People Management Planning.

Course Outlines


=       Communicating effectively with team members.

=       Set Goals and objective.

=       Manage People Performance.

=       Manage People Development

=       Motivating team members and other stakeholders.

=       Developing emotional intelligence and knowing how to use it within your team.

=       People Management Styles

=       Choosing the right style for the person / situation

=       Performance management, monitoring performance and feedback.

=       Managing change within your team.

=       Personal Development Planning

=       Negotiation skills for reaching agreed positions.

=       Managing People new to the team

=       Behavioural interviews

=       Inducting new team members

=       Managing Delegation

=       Dealing with difficult people, including setting healthy boundaries when dealing with difficult behaviours, managing resistance, counselling, coaching and conflict resolution.