Wound Care and Pressure Ulcer Management

Wound Care and Pressure Ulcer Management

  • Country: United Arab Emirates

  • City: Abu Dhabi

START DATE: 21 Sep 2021

END DATE: 21 Sep 2021

UNIT: 1 day

  • COURSE TYPE: CPD / CME Programs :



Wound Care and Pressure Ulcer Management


            The course will help you understand how pressure ulcers develop, how they can be treated and prevented. Describe the major categories of dressings, and the specific use of advanced dressing modalities used for certain types of wounds to decrease the incidence of infection.   

Learning Objectives

Course Content:

§Anatomy & Physiology of the skin.

§ Phases of wound healing.

§ Classifications of wounds: Identification & Treatment.

§ Wound Care Dressings: Properties & Uses.

§ Debridement Modalities.

§ Role of Wound Care Nurse: Assessment, Documentation, Infection Control, and Consultation, Monitoring & Reporting.

§ Skills Lab: Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Dressing, Wound culture technique, Compression therapy and Aseptic dressing change technique.

Target Audience

            Nurses, Physicians and allied health care professionals