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Schools Improvement Consultancy

   Specialized Management consultancy in strategic planning & the development of institutional performance

 Assist institutions in the preparation and drafting of strategic plans creatively.



 Internal strengths and weaknesses Analysis and external opportunities and threats to the  institution

 Follow up and evaluate the success of the implementation of the strategic plan of the institution

Administrative problems Analysis and provide suitable innovative solutions. 



 Evolution and institutional performance excellence Measuring by using the EFQM model.

 Analysis and preparation of organizational structures, and the preparation of regulatory and procedural evidence

 Consultancy services in the field of Preaching guidance and family


Who We Are?

Quattro Consulting & training is a key player in business consulting and advisory services field serving in; bridging gaps between the local and international management approaches.

We understand that the business revolution in UAE & GCC Countries will have high impact in Reshaping the business performance and productivity. We are persistent to have a leading role in this revolution. Accordingly, we adopted a strategy of assortments in the management field to achieve our mission.

Our performance management consulting services help organizations create highly effective, world-class systems and processes that transform the way they guide, direct, assess and develop employee performance.

In order to deliver the most relevant solutions possible, we tailor all of our services to meet the specific needs of your organization. We also completely guarantee our work and provide ongoing support to ensure your long-term success.

Our Mission

Contributing in building a better productive business environment, by enriching our clients business and becoming the means of having a better, stable, and more effective and efficient business processes.


QUATTRO CONSULTING & TRAINING “Being the leading business consulting firm in Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regions “ (aspires to providing exceptional client service in all areas of Management Consulting).


QUATRO CONSULTING & TRAINING Consulting is committed to:

  • Facilitating positive business relationships among first nation communities and industry
  • Providing quality service and expertise to the clients we serve
  • Ensuring client satisfaction by utilizing creative solutions to meet unique challenges
  • Staying ahead of the curve in identifying proactive strategies aligned to strategic planning

Our Team

The foundation upon which our team is created is based upon the premise that motivated people and long-standing relationships are the ultimate tools of success and creativity, energy, perseverance and loyalty are just as important as a platinum resume.

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals with proven problem solving, consulting and analytical skills. Our team consists of domain experts & technical specialists to provide world class consulting solutions to our clients.

The primary strength of our consultants is to partner the client organization to optimize resources & implement the improvement strategies successfully. An assignment begins with an accurate assessment of people, processes, performance and strategies.

Our consultants define competitive strengths, threats and opportunities to define performance gaps and growth potential. To assure successful implementation and competitive advantage, our consultants will develop execution plans and control plans for the management system under consideration.

Unique bottom-up consulting approach of our consultants ensures success of our consulting assignments. This approach ensures that improvement plans are accepted & practiced at all the levels of management. We have an unmatched 100% success rate for all the projects and international certifications.

Irrespective of nature and size of the organization, our consultants with their easy to implement consulting approach make any of the management system certifications like iso 9001:2008 iso 14001, iso 27001. Haccp, iso 17025 etc. Look simple and easy to implement.

All the consultants work with a single passion – “partnering the client organizations in their journey towards excellence and achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

Key areas of consultancy specific to Quattro Consulting and Training include, but are not limited to development and/or renewal of the following:

  • Strategic and Operational Planning
  • Project Administration/Management
  • Project Management Consulting
  • Quality Management Systems
  • The Strategic Measurement System
  • Strategic Step-by-Step Solutions
  • Training System Design & Learning Development and Management Systems

Strategic and Operational Planning Services:

In today’s highly competitive economy, strategic planning and performance management have become more important than ever for companies and organizations. Our team of highly trained and experience professionals can guide your company through the complete strategic planning process.

  • Review Firm's Goals and Objectives
  • Evaluate Organizational Structure
  • Analyze Internal Operations
  • Assess Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Review/Develop Position Descriptions

Strategic Planning

We will work with those involved in your company`s strategy andprovoke stimulating workshops that will enable your organization to decide what strategic direction to take and how to allocate your resources accordingly.

Strategic Implementation and Change Management

An essential part of Strategy is the Implementation. This is often the hardest part of the Strategic Planning process. Our experts will guide you through the necessary stages and systems required to successfully implement your Strategic Plan and measure performance throughout your organization. We will also help you design and implement the necessary Change Management System required for your company to `buy in` to the Strategy and a Communications Plan that will be vital in involving your entire workforce in the process.

Project Administration/Management Services:

  • Band Administration 
    • Human Resource Management
    • Program Management
    • Employment Development 
      • Assess workforce potential through Community Skills Assessment
      • Identify training opportunities that are practical to labour market needs 
      • Staff Utilization Planning 

Project Management Consulting

Project management success requires discipline at both the individual at organizational levels. As project management experts, we understand how hard it can be to change behaviors. We will work with you to solidify adoption of your process and build the discipline that will guarantee your long-term success.

Projects are temporary activities by nature, designed to deliver unique goals and business objectives, with project teams released to their operational roles at project completion. With less focus on project management skills development, enterprises may end up with low quality, over budget, unsuccessful projects.

With a varied background in project implementations, we provide temporary project management resources to meet the needs for any contract length. Through our experienced certified project managers, we supplement project teams with:

  • Leadership and planning necessary for successful project completion and closure
  • Coaching of individual project managers, their teams, and/or their managers
  • Planning and then supporting execution of an organizational change program 
  • Acting as external “project management office” to audit projects, assess risks, enforce compliance, and coach enterprises pmo team during this transition period

Knowledge Management

As the famous saying goes, "knowledge is power", and in no context is this saying more true that in business. Our consultants will work closely with key personnel within your company to identify, create, represent, distribute and enable the adoption of important insights and experiences. Such insights and experiences comprise knowledge, either embodied in individuals or embedded in organizational processes and/or practices. We will empower your organization by developing a custom knowledge management system that will enable you to maximize the development and sustainability of your organization’s people, policies, and business processes.

Strategic Step-by-Step Solutions

Our integrated management approach is designed to address the many levels of your workforce, from new talent management tactics like candidate recruiting and screening, training and performance evaluation; qualification, knowledge management, process optimization and career development; to aging workforce strategies, including attrition studies, knowledge transfer, process documentation and succession planning.

Brings a unique set of tools and expertise to integrating the multiple initiatives of workforce performance, including knowledge management, regulatory compliance, operational effectiveness and cost reduction. We specialize in building strategic solutions and implementation tools to help guide you step-by-step.

What is a Workforce Strategy?

A workforce strategy is the identification of all of the necessary elements that are required to create the optimum or ideal workforce in any organization. The strategy would start with a very clear understanding of current capability, and then a specific series of actions that would be necessary to achieve the envisioned results. 

  • Further, the strategy should include a complete roadmap with all elements identified as well as their interdependencies and demonstrate specifically how the strategy would be implemented. This would demonstrate the effectiveness of a strategy — its capability to be implemented and achieve the results.  

Quality Management Systems

Total Quality Management 

Our certified consultants will help your organization attain the quality management standards and awards it requires. Firstly, our experienced consultants will guide you through all of the quality assurance standards and criteria required to achieve prestigious certifications and business awards. We will provide your organisation with a thorough assessment of their current state and prepare your organisation for your quality assessments. After preparing a comprehensive gap analysis for your organization, we will provide you with all the requirements and steps needed to bridge the gap between your company's current state and the state of Quality excellence. Our Quality Management Experts are certified trainers and assessors in the following programs and Professional Awards:

  • ISO
  • EFQM- Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award and Sheikh Mohammed Excellence Award for Government Performance
  • Sigma 6

Quality systems are designed to comply with the fundamental requirements of international quality system standard it  helps our clients meet regulatory compliance efforts by developing and designing process and procedures that meet the goals of the regulation and at the same time developing the required documentation and training strategies required for implementation, auditing and tracking.  Frequently the regulatory compliance processes are tied into the organization overall quality management system.  

Project Administration/Management Services: 

  • HR Management

Our Certified Human Resources Professional are trained in providing the following:

  • HR Policies and Procedures
  • Workload Analysis
  • Job Descriptions
  • Balanced Scorecards
  • KPIs
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Reward and recognition Schemes

Contact Us

Our philosophy goes much beyond customer satisfaction and we believe in not only satisfying our clients but delighting with our unique result oriented consulting methodology that brings in sustainable competitive advantage.