General Director's Introductory Message

 Peace be upon you all


         Welcome to Quattro Center for Training and Consultations. We are proud of the achievements & milestones that we have achieved during the past two decades. We worked diligently and through various paths to develop our training programs, electronic systems and services in the field of consultation and research according to the highest quality standards. We have adopted innovative standards to develop and achieve our services based on customers satisfaction and their happiness. Since the establishment of our center in 1999, we have achieved distinguished achievements and successes that had an effective and distinguished role in society. One of our most important priorities is to fulfill our various commitment towards our customers and employees who are distinguished by a high degree of experience and efficiency. We also encourage the use of the interactive method in constructive and continuous dialogue with our customers.

We at Quattro Center always strive for the best, and this is not a slogan for us, but rather it is a conviction, a way of life, and a constant motive to achieve excellence and high quality.

The working methodology of Quattro Center for Training and Consultation is consistent with the vision of the government of the United Arab Emirates, in order to develop institutions and raise the level of skills and competencies.

Your suggestions and opinions are subject of our interest and appreciation for the development of our programs, projects and services.

Dr. Raed Sabah Abdel Hadi

General Director